Steeltech Industries Ltd. (SIL) is located in Gazipur, Dhaka (Bangladesh) and is the largest Stainless Steel Pipe manufacturer in Bangladesh. SIL currently holds forty percent of the market share. It is housed in a factory of 62,490 square feet equipped to manufacture formed sanitary, pharmaceutical and value-added engineered products. Other than manufacturing stainless steel pipes SIL, also manufactures S.S bars, angles and tubes .


SIL has been largely successful in its venture due to its downstream partners and successfully anticipating market demand and trends. The value addition made to steel pipes by SIL (flower designs, decorative motifs, etc.) has offered an affordable building and furniture making material option to the market as it less expensive than previously imported ones. Furthermore, promoting SS products as a ‘maintenance free’ material has made it the material of choice for construction companies and interior decorators throughout Bangladesh. SIL products are popular due to its high quality management, efficient marketing strategy and practice of good business ethics among channel partners and customers.


Given the fact that Bangladesh is a developing country with a growing scope and opportunity for infrastructure development work SIL can meet the current and future demand through expansion of its production facilities. Till now the market for SS pipe products has grown at an average of 30% per year.


The first state of the art U.S.A Standard products were lunched in the domestic market of Bangladesh on its inauguration. Our Product have been widely used in various sectors such as construction, power, automobiles, decoration, etc. A fully integrated organization with its unbeatable technology & highly efficient process assure quality standards, responsiveness & customization, innovation & creativity are the prerequisites for our product development & customer services. A consistent effort for customer satisfaction and continuous research & development process truly translate our experience, commitment & reliability. 


Steeltech Industries Ltd. has been certified ISO 9001-2008 for its quality management system. This ISO certification is the recognition of standard management system that evolves in the organization which is committed to provide quality product & services. 


SIL’s planned expansion will not only to capture and enhance their market share but also to contribute in the development of the country’s economy, not to mention creating more employment opportunity.



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